A bit of our history

Sancta Sanctorum Restaurant, the best of the best of tapas in Denia
The restaurant was born 12 years ago, in one of the most central streets of Denia,
Calle Sandunga, to offer local products with a unique touch.
Sancta Sanctorum was born more than a decade ago, but our passion for the
restoration starts much earlier. Specifically, 40 years ago at the Restaurant
La Cuina began our dedication to Dianense gastronomy.

Enjoy our dishes

  • Suckling lamb chops
  • Grilled entrecote
  • Pork tenderloin medallions with Brie cheese 4 pcs.
  • Mixed fish fry
  • Grilled monkfish
  • Grilled Sole
  • Grilled fresh bluefin tuna (Balfegó)